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Thank you for visiting my website and considering me for your home inspection. Headz Up Home Inspections offers a portfolio of inspections including home, radon testing and mold inspections. Purchasing a home can be very stressful and time consuming and can involve many ups and downs. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed by all the required paperwork and timelines. When you show up for a home inspection you can leave the stress behind. Although the home inspection is not always required, it is highly recommended.  Some lenders are requiring a home inspection before the transaction can proceed.  I often compare it to test driving a car, think of a home inspection as test driving a home.  Ask yourself would you buy a car without taking it for a test drive. Unforeseen conditions will disclose themselves to the trained eye of the home inspector.  Headz Up Home Inspections welcomes your presence during all, or any part of the home inspection.  My intent is to educate you, the client on the current condition of the property to the best of my professional knowledge. At the conclusion of the inspection, I will summarize my findings and provide you with a detailed home inspection report.

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Headz Up Home Inspections recognizes the services provided by  law enforcement, military and retirees and will honor you dedication and your by offering special discounts for Home Inspections and other related services.  As with any discount offered by the inspection company proof of affiliation is required.  Please contact Headz Up Home Inspections for details.

Home Inspections

Whether you are buying or selling your home, a home inspection will provide peace of mind for the new home buyer and make the sale go faster for the seller.   It is a good idea to have a home inspection every few years to prevent any major issues with your biggest investment.  We provide a comprehensive report with every inspection that we complete.

home inspection Fairmont WV

Mold Testing

Mold is part of our environment and we can find mold everywhere including indoors. No home is mold free, and can enter our living space by simply opening the door or window. Mold requires moisture in order to grow and can grow on many types of materials if the conditions are right. We offer mold inspections, mold sampling, and moisture intrusion analysis.home inspection Fairmont WV

home inspection Fairmont WV

home inspection Fairmont WV

Todd Lehmanhome inspection Fairmont WV
Home Inspections

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home inspection Fairmont WV